20 common traits of millionaire real estate agents

The attitude of a successful realtor is that of an entrepreneur, here is a list of 20 common points found among some of the attitudes of the most successful realtors.

1. They love making money, instead of making money to do the things they love.

2. They have bigger dreams than most people.

3. They are very successful oriented.

4. They are restless and impatient! It is often shown with people, situations, and meetings.

5. They work hard and they play hard. Sometimes they are not sure if it is a game or a job.

6. They are better at something, anything, than most people.

7. They see risks differently from most people.

8. They are proud and can be easily angered or insulted.

9. They have a smaller and narrower circle of friends than most people.

10. They have a lower tolerance for office politics, cooler arguments, and gossip.

11. One or more parents / family members are self-employed.

12. Many have been fired one or more times.

13. They have business and communication skills at a young age.

14. They are usually the oldest or youngest child in the family.

15. Most are under 45 years of age.

16. Most are married, yes married!

17. Most have at least an associate’s degree.

18. They can be lonely and sociable people when necessary.

19. They lack structure but are also super organized.

20. They are very competitive.

These attitudes are not set in stone, each body has its own path to success, and yours could be totally unique. As always, it takes a lot of work and dedication. Here you are to find your way to success, cheers!

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