20 idées d'escapades de Noël pas loin de chez nous: des plus attendues aux plus originales

20 ideas for Christmas getaways not far from home: from the most anticipated to the most original

Here are 20 Christmas getaway ideas that Britons are watching up close on the web. What to give ideas to the Belgians!

Since November, the term ‘Christmas Getaway’ has been Googled by thousands of Brits every month. This only proves that the public is turning to the internet for the most dreamy places to visit. get away during the holidays Taxi2Airport.com, an airport transfer company, wanted to take a look at the most sought after Christmas getaways in Europe by the British using Google search volumes.

Of course, nothing is to be taken literally but it gives you ideas that make you dream of a little more than a month of the holidays

To do this, Taxi2Airport.com entered 100 of the most popular Christmas holiday destinations in Europe – from Barcelona (Spain) to Avignon (France) and Brixen (Italy) – into the keyword analysis section of the tool. SEM Rush online visibility and marketing.

Here are the top 10 Christmas destinations that British internet users come across the most frequently

Wink, Taxi2airport.com also looked for the opposite by compiling the 10 least popular Christmas destinations, for those who would like to escape the crowds while enjoying a party atmosphere. We count Louvain-la-Neuve in 9th position!

In Prague, in a fairytale setting …

Barcelona, ​​Christmas under milder skies but a lot of traditions

Budapest lights up the nights of December

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