8 Magic Words That Dramatically Increase Your Insurance Sales

8 Magic Words That Dramatically Increase Your Insurance Sales

The words you use to communicate with your customers can have a significant impact on your sales results. Your choice of words can seal a deal or kill a sale. By incorporating appropriate words into your sales presentation, your customers will be more willing to make a buying decision.

Some magic words are like spices that make your presentation taste better. Used effectively and with the right kind of clients, these words can help you get the results you want.

Here are some magic words that help increase your customers’ desire to make a buying decision:

(1) Options

Some customers like to be in control. They want to have the upper hand so they can decide how things should go. They want to have a say in many things. Let them have the options to decide what they want.

Example: “Of these 2 options, which in your opinion can best support your plan?

(2) Better

People love to have the best things in life. They associate the word “better” with quality. The word “better” is always perceived favorably and has enticing effects on the customer when used in a sales situation.

Example: “You want your children to get the best education possible so that one day they can be just as successful as you, if not more.”

(3) New

People get excited about the latest fashion or new things. New things open their eyes. People like to equate the word “new” with improved features or functions of a certain product.

Example: “This product is brand new. It is also specially designed for people of your social status.”

(4) smart

People feel good when they are praised. They love the compliment. Make them feel that their decision is well thought out. The word “smart” helps reinforce their belief that they have taken the right action.

Example: Your kids will hug you and say “Mom, you’re the best! That was one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made for us. Thanks Mom!”

(5) popular

Most of the customers are followers, they are looking for popular products. In general, people are quite comfortable with popular products. The fact that a product is popular shows that it has been endorsed by many people.

Example: “This is a very popular plan. Most of my customers sign up for this plan without much hesitation because they like the flexibility of this plan.”

(6) love

Love has a special meaning in our hearts. The word “love” carries a very high level of emotional intensity that can move people’s hearts. Many people act in the name of love. Love triggers action.

Example: “It is a gift of love that your family would treasure most.”

(7) Savings

Price is one of the vital factors when making a purchase decision. The word “savings” makes customers feel like they’re being treated favorably. Saving allows them to make a profit on the purchase.

Example: “It’s always a plus for you to get this plan now, since you’ll get 10 percent savings. On top of that, you’ll also get a gas voucher.”

(8) Warranty

There is always a risk factor when making any purchase. Clients need insurance. It is important for them to be sure that they are not making mistakes before they drop their hard-earned money.

Example: “You can be sure that your family will receive x amount as stipulated and guaranteed in the contract if you are no longer there.”

Words have power. Enrich the collection of magic words in your toolbox. Gun your sales presentation with these simple but powerful words. You will be in a better position to influence your customers to make decisions in your favor.

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