A bit of straight talk about the Corioliss plate

A bit of straight talk about the Corioliss plate

There is more and more a wide range of irons to choose from, so choosing the right iron is more and more difficult. However, some brands of irons have better customer reviews than others and stand out from the crowd. One of those irons is the Corioliss: it is one of the best irons on the market and is used by women and professionals all over the world.

Corioliss has put a lot of thought into the design of their range of griddles and it shows. Corioliss flat irons are stylish, lightweight and use the latest technology.

The Corioliss Pro Silver 1″ professional iron comes with Tourmaline ceramic plates. If you really want the best, no matter what brand of iron you buy, it should have Tourmaline plates. Tourmaline produces more than 6 times the amount of negative ions it does Ceramic. Negative ions close the cuticle layer leaving hair silky smooth with sealed moisture. Negative ions also eliminate static electricity on the hair’s surface for frizz-free hair.

The Corioliss Pro Silver Flat Iron also uses the latest infrared technology, which heats the hair from within, reducing heat damage.

The other main features of the Corioliss Pro Silver iron are that it heats up in just 6 seconds; has adjustable heat temperature from 140F to 430F; It comes with a 9-foot swivel flex so using it is easy, especially when straightening the back of your hair. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention that the Pro Silver iron is dual voltage, so you can use it anywhere in the world.

Some plate makers have started making wet-to-dry plates – Corioliss is one of them. The Corioliss Tourmaline Wet to Dry Flat Iron is designed for use on damp hair. Manufacturers have begun to realize the benefits of wet to dry flat irons; There’s no need to first blow-dry your hair thoroughly before using a flat iron, so less heat damage is inflicted on your hair. Like the Corioliss Pro Silver, the Corioliss Wet to Dry heats up to 430F which is fully adjustable. The plates are wider at 1.75 inches and come with strategically placed vents to allow steam to evaporate. The Corioliss Wet/Dry iron is excellent, however I do have a small criticism; The wet to dry iron only comes with a 7 foot swivel cord. This is a bit of a pain in the ass and can make using it a bit awkward if the power outlet isn’t nearby; Both WIGO and Gold N Hot Wet to Dry irons come with 9-foot swivel cords.

The Corioliss Limited Edition Pink iron is quite iconic. It is basically the same model as the Corioliss Professional. As you’d expect, the Corioliss Pink iron comes with 1″ tourmaline plates. Don’t think that, despite its color, it’s not really a professional styling tool; it is, and is widely used by professional stylists.

Pink is good, but if you’re looking for the new pink, then the Corioliss Purple Flat Iron is for you. It has 1″ tourmaline plates, heats up in 6 seconds, and all the features of the Pro Silver iron.

Corioliss irons continue to be a very popular hair straightener. Corioliss irons can match the styling performance of other leading brands like Sedu or GHD irons. They look stylish, use the latest technology, and most importantly, smooth hair with a flawless, shiny finish.

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