Un météore a traversé le ciel belge ce matin (vidéo)

A meteor crossed the Belgian sky this morning (video)

Were you up at 6 a.m. on Friday February 12? So, you may have seen a fireball fly across the sky at high speed. The Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy confirmed it, it was indeed a meteor.

Belgians, English, French, Dutch and Germans could see the fireball, because it passed over the Channel, as explained by the institute. The passage of the celestial body was immortalized by a camera positioned at the German-Austrian border.

Our colleagues from RTL info have collected the testimonies of Belgians who saw the meteor.

“I think I saw a meteorite this morning, is it possible? It was impressive, it was so fast! A fireball falling from the sky”, explains Isabelle.

“I saw a luminous point in the sky, bigger than a star, much brighter too, which moved very quickly downwards, rectilinear and vertical”, says Régis for his part.

An impressive phenomenon, but not uncommon for all that. The meteorite has, this time, landed in the sea. No chance therefore of finding fragments on our territory.

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