Un astronaute de la NASA se fait livrer du fromage belge... dans l'espace !

A NASA astronaut has Belgian cheese delivered … to space!

The sought-after dish is produced by the cheese farm ‘t Groendal, in Rumbeke, in the municipality of Roeselare. The cheeses in question landed at the ISS thanks to the Antwerp trade Van Tricht, which is in charge of overseas distribution, and an American cheese store in Houston, where Mr Walker was a customer before he left for the space.

Houston Dairymaids first received a NASA delivery request for this specific Belgian cheese in December, and received a second order again just this month.

Astronaut Walker seems to revel in OG Kristal and Old Farmdale. “These are the variants of our Brokkeloud Roeselare and Oud Roeselare cheeses that we produce for the American market”, explains Johan Deweer (60) from ‘t Groendal. “We find it great. Who thinks one day that their cheese will be tasted in space? But we are very proud of it. What a great advertisement that makes!”, He comments in the dailies of the north of the country.

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