After the takeover by Pankl: Krenhof's point of view is growth

After the takeover by Pankl: Krenhof’s point of view is growth

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On January 12, 2021, the Pankl Group took over the traditional western Styrian company Krenhof AG. The board members Matthias Hartmann and Christoph Prattes from Krenhof AG answered our questions about the future of the western Styrian industrial company.

From Rainer Brinskelle | 5:50 a.m., March 20, 2021

Interview: Christoph Prattes and Matthias Hartmann are the new dual leadership at Krenhof © Assembly: Brinskelle, Krenhof (2)

When did Pankl take the decision to take over the Krenhof supplier?
Matthias Hartmann:
At Krenhof we thought about starting with aluminum forming. And because Pankl, one of our favorite customers, runs an aluminum forge, I wanted to coordinate beforehand whether that would be okay with them at all. Six weeks later, in March of the previous year, Mr. Plasser (note: Wolfgang Plasser, CEO of Pankl) invited me to a strategic discussion. Because Krenhof has got more and more supplier volumes and importance for the Pankl and KTM groups. We started talking about how things will continue at Krenhof. We in the family line, neither Berl nor Hartmann, have successors. From the point of view of that time, it would have been the Offner Werkzeugindustrie company that was also involved in us. Suddenly, Mr. Plasser asked whether it would be okay if you also put in an offer. I said we were honored. Pankl has the speed in the company motto and that’s how it was. It was dealt with bang, bang.
Christoph Prattes: Handshake quality counted and was played with open cards. Pankl has always had a very high level of added value and the opportunities at Krenhof open up completely new paths. Now we have everything in our hands, starting with the raw part, including all mechanical production steps, heat treatments and the end product. That is a unique selling proposition.

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