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An introduction to dining sets

In every home, there are usually three main common rooms where people spend most of their time. The room where you cook, the room where reading and entertaining are common, and the room where you eat all see their fair share of use. Just as kitchen and dining room furniture has evolved to meet the needs of modern families, so have dining room sets.

Traditionally, dining sets were made up of a large rectangular table surrounded by chairs. The two chairs at each head had arms, while the chairs at the sides had no arms. The furniture is almost always made of wood, and prior to the 19th century, unique to each home. While custom parts are still available today, they can be prohibitively expensive. Here’s a look at some of the most common styles of tables and chairs that are available today.


While wood may be the most common material for tables and chairs, there are other options for non-traditionalists. A metal table can bring a modern, minimalist style to any setting, especially when paired with more casual seating arrangements such as benches and stools. If you prefer a modern look, but without the metal, you can find a glass table to fit any size area. To complete the look, clear plastic chairs are available in various styles. Along with the sleek style, glass and plastic also make cleaning easy.

Second hand

If shopping for new dining room sets isn’t your thing, there are many wonderful options available in the classifieds or vintage stores. A bruised and battered collection of tables and chairs can be revived with a bit of sandpaper and a few coats of lacquer. Or if you prefer the more rustic look, you can leave the scratches and nicks on the piece.


If you’re a skilled craftsman, or just have a lot of free time, you can try creating your own table from older materials. Some common materials used are planks for flooring, particularly in rarer woods like redwood, old wooden doors, and even reclaimed wood from shipwrecks. Done right, these materials can become truly unique dining sets that not only look fantastic, but also offer a story you can tell to any guest who sits in them.


Although the traditional table for meals is long and rectangular, more and more families are moving away from this trend. In some cases, it is due to the restrictions that a smaller living room places on the size of the furniture. However, most of the time, families simply prefer to sit closer to each other. This has led to the rise in popularity of small, round or square dining sets. These accommodations usually house four to six people maximum and allow for easy interaction and conversation.

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