Apothecary candles, what makes them unique?

Apothecary candles, what makes them unique?

Candle lovers have come across the term apothecary. Where did this name come from and how was it attached to a candle? Many of these questions I had myself, so I decided to do some research to find out. First, I looked up apothecary to find out what this word is, what it means. Turns out it’s an old term for a pharmacist or drugstore. In England it means a pharmacist who is licensed to prescribe medicines. This term is not only ancient, but it goes back as far as history begins. These were the doctors and the pharmacist all rolled into one! These men and women would help anyone who was sick and even act as midwives when necessary. There were many who couldn’t afford his help, so there were often those who would venture into the world of ancient medicine without the degree.

Although this term may seem old-fashioned to us, the use of herbs as medicine, and being the main source of medicine, is not uncommon in many countries of the world. Herbal medicine is becoming popular again as many people are looking for different ways to be healthy. I have sought out and used herbs to help myself and my family. The modern apothecary believes that nature gives us what we need to heal the body and spirit.

I had to dig a little deeper to find out what this had to do with candles. Why are some candles titled Apothecary? We now know that this is a professional who takes weed and makes medicine. The next logical question is: Do the candles have herbs? Turns out the answer is no. These candles are made in the same way as any other candle or scented candle, it is the jar in which they are found. Let me explain, the jars that the apothecary candles are poured into were the same type of jars that apothecaries used to store their herbs and other ingredients. These jars have airtight lids to keep air out. So the next time you go shopping for a great candle, you’re going to be a well-informed customer! When you come across the apothecaries section you will know what makes them so special. Well all that searching and all my questions were answered. It is the bottle that makes it unique, what sets it apart. Imagine that.

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