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Arbortecture: the ultimate in green building, living trees that become useful items

Arbortecture: the ultimate in green building, living trees that become useful items

arboriculture It’s like architecture but with living trees. Trees have unique redemptive ecological uses. For that fact, a group of young architects has focused on developing a living tree house at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Students have a test site located on the University grounds at the Institute for Basic Concepts in Modern Architectural Design; the experiment is in charge of Ferdinand Ludwig, Oliver Storz and Hannes Schwertfeger. The team placed yearling willows on the scaffolding and bent them into shape. Then more trees are grafted, they grow together. After several years, growing trees become load-bearing. Finally, the supports can be removed and the entire platform moved to its final destination, where the floors can be snapped into place.

The fabulous tree Hab this design was developed at MIT by Mitchell Joachim, Ph. D. Lara Greden, Ph. D. Javier Arbona, MS The team envisions that this environmentally friendly house is grown with kitchen compost, circulates water, and provides shelter .

The living bridges of Cherrapunji, India They are grown using the living roots of the Ficus elastica tree. Native peoples for five hundred years have guided the growth of the roots to create these amazing bridges. Bridges are growing and gaining strength as they age.

Marcel Kalberer from Germany, has made a career of planting large clumps of willow to create structures of astonishing detail. These bundles sprout and cover the structures with green leaves. the museum of outdoor art in Englewood, Colorado, presents “Weidenblume,” a living willow sculpture by German artists Marcel Kalberer and Sanfte Strukturen. His first work in the United States will be installed in June 2010.

arboresculpture it is the art of shaping saplings into useful or artistic shapes, furniture, bridges, even a ladder has been grown from living tree trunk. Started by Axel Erlandson, who opened a roadside attraction in 1947 featuring his unique trees. Today, this garden art is springing up among master gardeners, landscapers, and home hobbyists around the world. Anyone with the space for trees can play around with bending and grafting and even grow their own living lawn chair.

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