Un astéroïde de près d’un kilomètre de diamètre a "frôlé" la Terre

Asteroid nearly a kilometer in diameter has “grazed” the Earth

The rocky body passed at a distance of about five times the Earth-Moon distance, but close enough to be considered “potentially dangerous”.

NASA tracks and lists all celestial objects likely to strike Earth and cause immense damage, like when an asteroid wiped out 75% of all life on Earth 66 million years ago.

The asteroid, called 2001 FO32, with an estimated diameter of 900 meters, passed Sunday at 3 p.m. (Belgian time) closest to our planet, according to the Paris observatory. According to NASA, it was spinning at 124,000 km / h.

According to NASA, around 80 to 100 tons of materials such as dust and small meteorites fall to Earth daily, but larger objects could cause enormous destruction due to their speed.

According to the US space agency, more than 95% of asteroids the size of 2001 FO32 and likely to pass close to Earth have been listed and none are likely to collide with our planet in the next century. . Phew …

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