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Bathroom Humor: Novelty Articles and the Psychology of Bathroom Comedy

Bathroom humor has been around for years and is especially strong among many college students and people with a comedic flair for offbeat jokes. toilet novelty elements. So what is it that attracts a person to decorate their bathroom with toilet paper that has barbed wire printed on it?

If we analyze the personality type that has an unconventional sense of humor around the idea that humor in the bathroom is well known and always attracts attention, we find that 90% of these people are men. The demographic group for this subsection of tourism species tends to be men who are at least 18 years of age. An even more focused analysis of the data tends to point to college men who love to decorate their homes and closets with items that promote the idea that bathroom humor is actually a lot of fun.

Novelty items like toilet tattoos, toilet paper with $ 100 bills printed on each sheet, or even T-shirts that reference the toilet brand comedy are perfectly acceptable. So what is the cure for such a character? The answer is not surprising. Studies show that a new girlfriend or spouse will definitely put the brakes on this type of humor. Although it may not happen overnight, female influence tends to provide a more sensitive balance to bathroom mood that many men enjoy.

In conclusion, toilet novelty The articles and people who gravitate towards this type of humor are usually single men with nothing better to stimulate their minds. As the study shows, the introduction of a potential female partner into this individual’s life begins to limit the need for bathroom humor.

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