Best Thai Restaurants in Bangkok to Visit With Your Friends

Thai Restaurants in Bangkok

The best Thai restaurants in Bangkok are those that serve authentic cuisine. These restaurants have a very traditional and delicious taste and the food is made from fresh ingredients. They are also very popular among locals and tourists. They serve different kinds of Thai dishes including noodles, curries, and satays. They also serve drinks like longan juice, roselle juice, and chrysanthemum tea.

Many tourists like to visit these Thai restaurant in bangkok with their friends as the food is very affordable and the experience is great. They can try a variety of Thai dishes that are not found in other places in the world. These Thai restaurants are a must-visit for anyone who is looking to try a unique Thai meal. In recent years, many new Thai restaurants have opened up in Bangkok. Some have even been rated by the Michelin Guide. Here are some of the top-rated restaurants that you should check out on your next trip to Bangkok:

Blue Elephant is an upscale Thai restaurant located in a beautiful old Thai Chinese building constructed in 1903. The restaurant has a very nice atmosphere and the food is delicious and authentic. The menu has a lot of different Thai dishes to choose from and they have set meals for two to eight people so that you can try all the best dishes in one go. You can try their famous Tom Yum Noodles, crispy duck with pineapple and satay, pork belly with peanut sauce, and many other dishes. The restaurant is very popular so be sure to book in advance if you are planning to visit it.

Best Thai Restaurants in Bangkok to Visit With Your Friends

Another popular restaurant is Ton, which is located in a colonial style home on Sathon Road. The restaurant is a collaboration with the renowned San Francisco-based chef and it takes a different approach than its sister restaurant Nahm, which is located in a former mansion on the same street. Chef Ton uses imported products and combines them with traditional Thai ingredients to create his unique style of cooking. A dish of watermelon, dashi jelly and ikura (salmon caviar) is an example of his inventive cuisine.

You should also visit Baan Nual, which is a hidden gem located in an old wooden house in the Old Town. It’s not a fancy Thai restaurant, but it serves delicious food. They offer classics like pad Thai and green curry as well as more unique dishes like grilled river prawns in chili paste and pork neck with shrimp paste. You can also try their homemade Thai iced tea which is very good.

Lastly, Jay Fai is another popular street food vendor that has become a celebrity after being featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table. She is now so famous that she doesn’t even take walk ins anymore, you have to reserve a spot a month in advance to have a chance to eat her iconic mama noodle soup. Another must-visit is Hoi Tod Chaw Lae, a humble shophouse that serves a simple yet deeply satisfying menu of street foods including crisp pork belly and stir-fried mussel and oyster omelette.

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