Body piercing, is there something wrong with it?

When you spend a day at the mall, you see people with body piercings. You may see someone with a nose ring. Another may have a navel ring. In fact, you might see people with really crazy body piercings. Is there a reason why people shouldn’t have so many body piercings? When it comes down to that, it is a separate decision from everyone, but we must ask ourselves, is there really something wrong with it?

Body piercing is popular, especially among teenagers. Something that once started out as earrings led to the piercing of many other parts of the body. Do you have your ears pierced? Is there a problem with people who have ear piercings? Many teens find body piercing a form of self-expression and a way to rebel. Today, people pierce their nose, tongue, eyebrows, navel, and even other places. You can go to any jewelry store in the mall and find navel and brow rings. The jewelry itself is not tacky or ugly, but it can be very regular pieces. So what makes body piercings so bad?

People have preconceived notions about people who are different from them. When women started piercing their ears, that too was taboo. As time passes and things become more “normal”, preconceived notions about body piercings will also disappear. As long as the piercing is done correctly, in a clean environment, and properly cared for, there are no adverse side effects from getting body piercings. Again, they need to be properly cared for and cleaned as infections can spread quickly this way. So the next time you’re in that mall and you see a bunch of girls walking around with belly button rings, think twice before judging them. Consider why you don’t like that eyebrow ring on the guy taking your order’s face. Think twice when judging others because, as you judge them, they may be judging you too.

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