Bound for the Socceroos World Cup Australia 2010

The Australian Socceroos qualification for the 2010 World Cup is the accumulation of a long-standing dream. Soccer in Australia is not as popular as rugby. This may be changing due to efforts to renew the sport and the impressive playing record of the Australian Socceroos. The Socceroos are the Australian national team that plays in international tournaments. In 2006, they surprised and delighted fans by qualifying to play in the World Cup tournament.

The Socceroos were founded in 1922 and had a dismal tournament season. Due to Australia’s location and lack of experienced soccer players and the high cost of travel, Australia did not play regularly on the international scene. Eventually, the cost of the trip came down enough to allow the team to play more games that are international, but its record remains unmistakable.

In 2006, the FFA, Football Federation Australia, decided to revamp the team and promote it as a contender for the coveted World Cup. New coaches, new players, new strategies and the use of new technologies led the team to the form of the World Cup. Suddenly, the Socceroos became household names and Australia’s passion for soccer has burned steadily ever since.

The 2010 World Cup will be played in South Africa and it is estimated that around 6,000 Australian fans will attend the tournament. They will play Germany, Ghana and Serbia, all of whom are past champions and Germany have won the Cup three times so far. This promises a thrilling, thrilling and adrenaline-pumping competition.

The Socceroo team colors are a gold jersey and socks with green pants. Socceroo fans will fill the stadium with golden flags adorned with green kangaroos and stars. Young and old who want to show their support for their beloved Socceroos eat the team’s bracelets, trading cards and other memorabilia.

Various fan groups for the tournament plan entertainment, sightseeing and celebrations. Fans are renting a stadium and will be hosting a Powderfinger concert. The Green and Gold Army is planning a group trip for 500 fans. There are promises to be plenty of activities to fill the time away from the game.

Australia hopes to host the 2018 Soccer World Cup. Plans are already underway to remodel the Sydney Olympic Stadium to accommodate more fans. They will also install a fully movable glass dome. Australia is having its winter season when other countries are in their summer season. So the dome will protect against inclement weather. Australia plans to outdo themselves as hosts of the 2018 World Cup. This will be a challenge after their spectacular Olympic venue. However, it all depends on how well the Australian Socceroos do at next year’s World Cup!

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