Bruges dans le Top 50 des plus belles villes du monde : découvrez le classement

Bruges in the Top 50 of the most beautiful cities in the world: discover the ranking

Is there a Belgian municipality among the cities considered to be the most beautiful in the world? set its top by asking over 1000 business travelers what they think.

What is a “great” city? That’s what the Flight Network team asked of more than 1,000 editors, bloggers and travel companies around the world – who have seen and experienced the best the planet has to offer. This extensive collaboration has produced the “most thoughtful and accurate list of the most beautiful cities in the world,” according to the specialist in aircraft reservations.

A very touristy guide who takes you all over the world.

1. Paris, France

The city itself, (like New York) carries so many “cliché” images in everyone’s mind and carries so many desires, that it won the most votes. Especially for the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, its countless cafes with terraces, French gastronomy, the presence of Versailles nearby and its incredible cultural offer

2. New York, USA

For its 5 districts with so different atmospheres, for its emblematic towers so recognizable, for the delirious cultural and tourist offer and … for its hot dog in particular!

3. London, United Kingdom

Very different neighborhoods and unmissable events like Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park …

4. Venice, Italy

The colors of the city, its canals and Saint Mark’s Square have amazed professional travelers.

5. Vancouver, Canada

A bustling metropolis, forests and beaches, Vancouver is a dream!

6. Barcelona, ​​Spain

The Gaudí style illuminates this magnificent city full of history but also of greenery, long alleys and beaches

7. Cape Town, South Africa

A capital which is a nature lover’s dream with mountains and miles of coastline right next to it. The views are incredible.

8. San Francisco, USA

A vibrant megalopolis, full of colors, small neighborhoods, music, … And the bay is a marvel in itself.

9. Sydney, Australia

Sydney has it all: a stunning silhouette, a stunning botanical garden and some of the world’s most iconic landmarks“, according to Terry Terrones, Colorado Springs Gazette

10. Rome, Italy

It is one of the oldest cities in the world, 800 years before London! The historic sites are amazing and the Italian food is tempting around every corner and plaza.

The other towns

With us, Bruges occupies 26th place. while Amsterdam is ranked in 13th place, ahead of Rio in 15th. Chicago is in the middle of the standings. Among the cities further east and north that have not turned off expert travelers are Prague (14), Budapest (16), Vienna (19), St Petersburg (35), Berlin (36), Bergen (47) and it is Athens which ends this classification which makes travel all over the world!

> To see the guide to the fifty most beautiful cities in the world, it’s here, on the blog of, a site specializing in plane tickets

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