Cadillac Escalade hybrid review: the pros and cons

What comes to mind when you think of the Cadillac Escalade? Good looks? Sure. Rap stars with a lot of ‘bling’? Possibly. Fuel economy over 20 miles per gallon? Doubtful, but that’s exactly what GM’s luxury division hopes to change with the introduction of the Escalade Hybrid.

While shooting at 20+ MPG doesn’t seem very impressive at first, you should realize that it represents more than 50% more economy according to Cadillac. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that the Escalade Hybrid hasn’t sacrificed one iota of the luxury and size that make it popular with sports stars over 6 feet tall and their entourage. The Escalade Hybrid hasn’t avoided much of its legendary utility either; The 2WD models can still tow 6,000 pounds while the 4WD models can tow an impressive 5,700 pounds.

That’s not the abundant 8000/7900 pound towing capacity offered by the 6.2L Vortec-powered 2WD / AWD models, but both models cost just 12 MPG in the city.

The Escalade Hybrid combines an advanced electric powertrain with a modern “high-performance” V8 capable of running on eight or four cylinders, whatever the situation. This gives the Escalade Hybrid excellent power when required and reasonable economy when it comes to city driving. The net result is that Escalade Hybrid owners won’t be embarrassed every time they see a gas station.

Lots of power, good looks, and reasonable economy in an iconic American luxury SUV? The Escalade Hybrid does it all while sacrificing only part of its ample towing capacity.

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