Calling each other, talking to each other on video, debriefing your day, helping out, that feels great!

Calling each other, talking to each other on video, debriefing your day, helping out, that feels great!

The physical distance leads Belgians to call each other, talk to each other, cheer each other up: and it works.

Removal measures, confinement, loss of social ties, altered conviviality: these words scare us, make us ruminate, make us feel alone. But in this avalanche of uncertainties and questions, Emmanuel André, professor and interfederal spokesperson for Covid-19 answered a question with these words: ” These measures are not intended to undo the social bond, far from it, they are temporary measures of physical, not social distancing.“. And it’s true … it makes all the difference and it feels good to hear ..

If families can continue to maintain a kind of social dynamic by living under the same roof, the same cannot be said for people living alone, of all ages, who have seen their social life shrink drastically with the closure of all. places of conviviality and measures to prohibit family and friendly gatherings, to protect themselves. Living alone is the lot of 1 in 7 Belgians. Single parents also suffer when their world is shrinking …

So new habits quickly emerged: “Instead of texting each other like I did before without thinking about it, I call my friends during the day, it goes faster, we can say a lot more things and it feels good to hear a voice and to share“, explains Mathilde.

At the end of the day, there are also more calls to debrief the day, tell each other anxieties and tips, exchange jokes and humor heard or seen on social networks. “It’s as if we were talking to each other again, without waiting for the precise moment when we had made a date“, underlines Thierry,”and our conversations are more benevolent, we listen to each other and we cheer each other up“.

Talk to each other, relieve each other and help each other

Some still organize themselves to have aperitifs and conferences! “On their terrace, my neighbors seem to be full at night when they are just a couple: in fact, they call their friends on video and they all chat, it’s quite funny to listen, it warms me up the heart“, testifies Emilie.

We must also see the number of Facebook pages of mutual aid and offers of help to people in difficulty to be, a little, comforted. “In this chaos, some people are isolated and need support. We can help them without seeing or seeing them while respecting the security measures. For example: put a puzzle in front of the neighbors’ door to occupy the children, phone an elderly neighbor to chat, provide tutoring by Skype, do shopping for the elderly, offer help with babysitting them. smaller, ... ”Explain Sandrine Corbiau, press officer for the platform, a completely free place of solidarity that puts people who need support in easy and flexible contact with those who want to help. last June, this platform makes perfect sense today.

We can actually call each other by WhatsApp, Messenger, Facetime as a duo. You can install Skype to talk to several people. Here is a site that allows you to talk to each other while seeing up to 4 people, on your computer or from your phone:

Easy, friendly, comforting.

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