Column from the trading floor: A stockbroker's logbook: New era, new investment goals

Column from the trading floor: A stockbroker’s logbook: New era, new investment goals

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The experienced capital market expert Josef Obergantschnig summarizes the current stock market events in his weekly “Logbook of a stock exchange operator”.

5:56 p.m., March 12, 2021

Josef Obergantschnig © © Ethico

Joseph Obergantschnig is president of the Ethico business ethics club and a sworn and court-certified expert for banking and stock exchange. In his “Logbook of a Börsianers” the experienced capital market expert describes his personal impressions and experiences in these eventful times – also on the trading floor – and draws a weekly balance sheet for the “Kleine Zeitung”.

Saturday, March 13th: The “Wall of Money” is looking for returns!

This morning I stand at the kitchen window and look into the dawn. Time for me and time to let my thoughts run free. A sip of my espresso breathes new life energy into me. I’ve been standing at this window every morning for five years. It’s kind of familiar, but something has changed colossally. A new era began in March 2020. I can’t believe it is the anniversary of the first shutdown this week. A year full of crises, full of perseverance and full of changes. Our lives have been turned upside down. But we have also learned to accept the change and to live with it. A look at my smartphone tells me that there is a mood of optimism in the financial markets.

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