Coronavirus anxiety

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t experience some fears about the Corona Virus or Covid-19. There are many reasons why anxiety about this disease is spreading around the world and the main cause of this is the lack of information about this disease.

To interrupt anxiety when a situation like this occurs, some appropriate steps can be taken to make living through this epidemic an easier journey.

We are all together during this time, but to keep the peace of mind, you may find the following helpful:

1- Knowledge is power Listen or tune in to trusted news sources and follow the CDC’s advice on steps to stay healthy.

2- Boost the immune system- Eat right and avoid a junk food diet. Aim for lean proteins (meat, poultry, fish, dairy), fresh or frozen vegetables (frozen may be your best option, since no one in the food market handles them). Fresh or frozen fruit (frozen might be your best option again as they are not left out or tampered with).

3- Exercise- Get away from the anxious energy and keep moving in fresh air and sunshine, fewer crowds of people. This will increase endorphins, increase serotonin (the wellness chemical) in the brain, and lift your spirits. It will also calm an overactive mind. Leave your worried head inside when you go for a walk.

4- Logic and common sense- Being cautious is fine and especially in this case. I suggest you apply even more caution during this time, but don’t think worry and fear will do you any good. Take moments during the day and remember that you are doing whatever it takes and anxious worry is useless.

5- Beware of others- During a difficult public health crisis, the elderly often require additional health. By offering a helping hand, you get out of your own head and this is therapeutic in itself.

6- Music, hobbies and relaxing activities- Calm your mind through anything that interests you and get you out of panic and worry mode. Get lost in things that get you out of your own worried head. Lose yourself in a book you’ve wanted to read but never had time to. Meditation is always helpful, along with yoga.

7- Make smart decisions Use your logical mind to choose activities that make sense to you. Smaller dinners with fewer friends or family, movie rentals, event postponements that can be risky may be the best options at this time.

8- Auto calm- Once you learn to calm down and calm down, your adrenaline starts to kick in. We are what we think and being logical and careful at the same time is the best way to reassure ourselves. If panic interrupts your life due to the accumulation of fearful thoughts, let it go while telling yourself the truth of the situation. Facts matter and are your strength against unnecessary anxiety and panic.

9- keep a cool head Focus on the here and now. This is the safest place of all. Yes, plan for any future events, but staying in the present moment takes the sting out of “what if” thoughts. In fact, change the “what if” to “so what.” Nothing is merely black or white by nature. There is always the gray area. Take a break from reading or watching the news before bed. Everyone needs a break from overthinking, especially if a good night’s rest is your best defense against an overly anxious mind and body.

10- Communicate- Stay in touch with good friends and family. Even if you can’t be together, there are always ways to connect online, through chat or face-to-face interaction. Getting the best out of a difficult situation takes a bit of ingenuity, but it helps prevent stress chemicals from being released and produces a calm mind and body.

Above all, remember that you are not alone. Nothing you are going through is different or unusual than anyone else. Discuss your feelings with friends and family and you will be pleasantly surprised at how similar your feelings are to theirs. Time takes care of many of these events and learning to get through them as smoothly as possible is to your advantage. Thinking with a cool head, eating right, resting when you’re tired, and keeping proper perspective on the situation is your best weapon against anxiety and stress these days.

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