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Covert Divorce Tactics to Consider

Most divorce settlements and proceedings are done fairly and fairly. Yet everyone has heard divorce nightmares and horror stories that haunt our conscience as we enter the same process. When hiring the best divorce attorney, you should be well prepared to deal with some of the undercover tactics employed by less scrupulous spouses and attorneys.

It’s a conflict of interest

One of the newer ways to hinder a spouse in their search for a top-notch divorce attorney in their area is to simply provide a conflict of interest for these top-notch attorneys first. The way the process works is that an enterprising spouse searches for all the best divorce attorneys in their area and sets up short meetings to discuss their case under the guise of interviewing them and possibly hiring them as their attorney. Most of the time they have already made a mental choice of their attorney, but by meeting with these other attorneys and discussing relevant details about your case, you create a conflict of interest for the other partner by attempting to hire the same attorneys. In this way, your partner can relegate you to hiring the best divorce attorneys in your area. It is one of the most compelling arguments to hire an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you can get the one you want.

Hide assets

Most of the time, the spouse who earns the most money in the marriage tries to hide assets during the divorce process. It occurs more often than reported and can have a very detrimental effect on the settlement you may receive for alimony and child support. A qualified divorce team will be able to conduct a lifestyle analysis that provides a clear financial picture of your lifestyle while you are married. On the other hand, you should be on the lookout for telltale signs that your spouse may be hiding assets. Most of the time, assets are transferred to the names of other family members to conceal their value during divorce proceedings. This transfer can be real estate, antiques, coins, real estate, stocks and investments. Other tricks include overpaying the IRS, reporting less income, deferring salary, commission, or bonuses, and storing valuables or cash in safes or elsewhere.

Pressure or delay

Two tactics that are often used to speed up the process or slow it down, but both with the intention of forcing an unfavorable deal include pushing it to settle early or alternatively stopping and delaying the entire process. By pushing you to get established quickly, you are often trying to cover up a potential windfall in the works for your spouse. This could be a large bonus, commission or salary increase that will have a significant impact on alimony and child support, so the spouse needs a quick agreement to avoid an additional payment. Alternatively, the delay and delay tactic can be used to lengthen proceedings to increase legal costs and deplete living expenses in order to secure a cheaper settlement.

Hiring the best divorce attorney in your area as quickly as possible will help you avoid these tactics and achieve a fair and equitable settlement.

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