Do you need child custody attorneys in Los Angeles?

Because child custody is so inextricably bound up with the law, chances are that, at some point, you will want to speak to an attorney.

You’ll want to be sure to verify the credentials of any attorney you choose because in California people can pass the bar exam without going to law school. However, most of the attorneys you will find have completed the three years required to graduate from law school.

Just be sure to check it out.

And when you go and look, you will have many options. There are the attorneys who have a specialized practice and then there are those who have a general practice. Some custody attorneys work alone and others work with a law firm where there are numerous partners.

Deciding which attorney to choose will be one of the most important decisions you will make in your child custody case.

What will your lawyer do for you?

An attorney has two responsibilities in a case like this. They are responsible for enforcing the law and also protecting your rights.

More specifically, your attorney is responsible for the following:

-Give you legal advice.

-Do all your legal work

-Business for you

-Work with the “system” for you

What Your Lawyer Won’t Do

There are certain things that you probably shouldn’t expect your Los Angeles child custody attorneys to do.

These are:

-Win your case directly

-Reduce the cost of your case

-Solve your emotional problems

-Do your work for you

It all comes down to your attorney being your attorney. He or she is not your friend, your therapist, your doctor, your date, or anything else. Just your lawyer. He or she is a professional first and foremost and is doing a job.

You should not expect anything more and nothing less.

How to find a lawyer

Finding an attorney is the easy part. Finding a good lawyer is not that easy.

To find a really good attorney, you will need to spend a fair amount of time and effort following up on the leads you create by getting referrals from friends, online, or just flipping through the yellow pages. The time and effort that you will have to put in may take much longer than expected. But you must get it right as this is a very important part of the custody case.

But finding one is the hard part. It’s the bad news. The good news is that attorneys need you as much as you need them. Without you, they have no cases and that means they are out of business. Therefore, California child custody attorneys will be easy to find.

Here are some common places to look for a good Los Angeles child custody attorney:

-Personal references

-Yellow Pages



-Legal plans

-Support groups


-References of lawyers

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