Do you really need a responsive website?

Do you really need a responsive website?

In the past, the only way websites were accessed was from a desktop computer. Then everything started to move to laptops because they were transportable. Now almost everyone has a mobile phone with web browsing functionality.

Unresponsive websites are starting to get ignored by Google. And, with more than half of all online business searches starting on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, if your website is unresponsive, it will be one of the main reasons for decreased direct traffic.

What is a responsive website?

A website with a responsive design code means that each web page automatically adapts to the medium you are using to view it. Regardless of whether it is a tablet, a large smartphone, a small smartphone, a laptop or a stationary desktop computer, each person will see the page with an improved style for their device.

Higher Conversion Rates

Someone taking a look at a product on your website to compare and contrast its price with something they see in a store wants a quick response. A responsive website allows them to click a few buttons and order the product you offer instead of paying more in the store.

Improved user experience

Responsive design tells a customer that you are serving their needs. For someone who works using their mobile device most of the time, this is huge. They can make dinner reservations, set up a service enquiry, book a hotel room, and purchase a product, all from their mobile phone using websites that have built-in responsive design. When users feel appreciated and have a good experience, they come back.

less work for you

Using a responsive design at first will allow you to focus on the most important aspects of your website and deliver it to audiences on a smaller platform. From there, it’s much easier to add more content for larger devices.

Better search engine rankings

Google prefers websites with web pages designed to be responsive. It is still the same website but designed to be seen with different products. This is easier on you and the search bots than working with a different mobile site.


Your website can be adapted to a variety of devices for viewing. You can add various content to be viewed on each device as added value. Content will stretch to fill the space provided on each device, and core content and layout will remain consistent across devices for a seamless experience.

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