Economy is looking for apprentices, criticism of corona promotion clause |  Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Economy is looking for apprentices, criticism of corona promotion clause | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Viele Unternehmen haben Schwierigkeiten, in der Corona-Zeit Lehrlinge zu finden.

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Vienna – An economic initiative is pushing for the Corona promotion clause to expire and calling for it to be difficult to advance to the next school level with fives. The background to this is the apprenticeship market, which is suffering from the lack of career orientation in schools during the pandemic. Especially in the industrialized federal states there is a lack of suitable applicants, including school dropouts. Four out of ten companies would not find any apprentices at the moment, it said.

“The pandemic has made the situation even more critical,” said Werner Steinecker, General Director of Energie AG in Upper Austria and President of the “Zukunft.Lehre.Österreich” initiative. While the number of apprenticeships remained largely stable thanks to the government’s apprentice bonus and the feared slump did not materialize, it has been shown since autumn that there are far fewer applicants.

Together with the Federation of Industrialists (IV), the Linz “Market Institute” commissioned a survey among young people, parents, teachers and companies. According to this, trial days, career information fairs and the presentation of companies from the region in the school are by far the three most important sources of information when choosing a career. None of this was possible recently because of the lockdowns. “There is currently sand in the gears,” said study author David Pfarrhofer. Careers preparation was forgotten in home schooling. In addition, the application process was made more difficult by Corona and contact with the schools was lost.

The initiative also complains that the quality of applicants has deteriorated. Every second company says it has fewer applicants from HTL, HAK and high school this year. The initiative attributes this to insufficient pressure to perform at school and to the fact that it is currently unlikely that people will remain seated during the pandemic. (APA)

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