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Essential kitchen utensils

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or need to update your current kitchen sets, there are some must-haves for the busiest room in the house. With a few selections, your kitchen will run like a tuned machine, without the high price tag.

Start with a medium-sized saucepan for everyday use and a nonstick skillet for your amazing omelette. You’ll also want a decent-sized pot for pasta and other boiling needs. A complete set of cookware will require a baking sheet with a raised rim for cookies and meats. If you tend to mix soups and embers, you can also invest in a Dutch oven, which is very versatile and useful in a variety of recipes.

Possibly one of the most important and often overlooked kitchen set items is a good set of sharp knives. Don’t underestimate the quality here, a knife’s job is not just to cut what you want, but to cut it quickly. Just because you want a superior knife doesn’t mean you need fifteen of them. As long as you cover the basics, a chef, a peeling, and a sawing, you should be able to cut everything you need. Another must-have item you can find with your knife set is a pair of kitchen scissors, you’ll find them useful for all kinds of things, from cutting chicken to opening food packages.

Next, to go with your knives, you’ll want two large cutting boards; a plastic cutting board for meat and poultry and a wooden cutting board for everything else. Make sure you buy a board big enough that 15 “x 20” is fine.

Your kitchen set wouldn’t be complete without measuring cups and spoons, especially for the new cook or baker. At least one liquid measuring cup and one set of spoons should suffice. Plus, the nested bowls provide space-saving storage and easy-to-find sizes and should be included in everyone’s kitchen utensils, along with a good-size strainer.

Now we get to the little things. Tweezers are a must as they act as an extension of your hand. Spoons in different styles such as wooden, slotted, solid and deep for various uses and foods. Also, don’t forget the spatulas for anything you need to flip.

With all of this, your kitchen set should be complete.

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