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Everything you need to know about Hyperion software

Hyperion Solutions Corporation is an organization that specializes in enterprise performance management solution products. The products are developed specifically for areas such as business intelligence and business performance management. This organization was bought by Oracle Corporation in 2007 and since then Oracle has been actively promoting and selling Hyperion Solutions products.

The organization has added many feathers to its limit, the most notable of which came in 2007 when Gartner placed the organization in the leaders quadrant in both corporate performance management and business intelligence. .

Hyperion Solutions Corporation was founded in 1981 under the name of IMRS, which developed financial management and consolidation software known as Micro Control under the supervision of Marco Arese and Bob Thompson. In 1991, IMRS became a public company and launched a Windows-based program called Hyperion.

Hyperion became the successor to Micro Control. In 1992, Arbor Software released the first version of Essbase Online Analytical processing software. In 1998, Arbor merges with Hyperion and the combined entity is renamed Hyperion Corporation.

Thus was born one of the most successful product companies. Hyperion made many acquisitions to become one of the most successful commercial companies. In 2007, Oracle announced the acquisition of Hyperion for approximately $ 3.3 billion in cash.

Hyperion’s main competitor is SAP business objects.

The main Hyperion software products include the following:


Hyperion System 9 BI +

Hyperion Intelligence (this included products that were previously manufactured by Brio Technology and were purchased in 2003)

Hyperion Enterprise

Hyperion planning

Hyperion Strategic Finance

Hyperion financial management

Hyperion Master Data Management

The Hyperion planning product enables commercial companies to plan the total resources of a company. This allows a business to manage the total cost of running a business more effectively. The business manager can control the resources and how they can be optimized.

The suite of strategic finance products enables a company to manage each and every area of ​​corporate finance more efficiently. This gives the CEO or CFO the ability to see information about the various areas of corporate finance very clearly. This improves your ability to make quick and well-informed decisions.

Hyperion has made rapid progress in the general management of its products and in the general domain of business performance management. The fact that a world-class product organization like Oracle has expressed an interest in buying the company demonstrates the value of the suite of products it has developed.

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