Feed your Yorkie – Chon Mixed Terrier puppy Correct!

As far as I’m concerned, you can’t beat a terrier for a mate. Their sweet faces and cheerful movements remind me of puppies no matter how old they are, and everyone knows how cute puppies are!

Lately we have seen a huge increase in “designer dogs”, dogs that are a mixture of types of pure bread. Breeders and buyers expect the best characteristics of a breed to be combined into a mix that results in a really good pet.

I myself have a Yorkie-Chon, half Yorkshire Terrier and half Bichon Frize. She is energetic, extremely friendly, smart, and sassy. I’m sure some friends would say she’s too hyper, but that’s the Terrier in her.

A new owner wants to give his puppy the best start in life. What you give your puppy is extremely important. A Bichon puppy can have trouble digesting food, so you want to have good quality food, and that means meat. Check the package label. If you don’t include meat as the first ingredient, leave it. Many foods will include corn as the first ingredient. Dogs need meat. Stay away from foods that include a lot of “meals”, such as “chicken meal”. “Food” includes parts of the chicken that you definitely don’t want your dog to eat.

Yorkies are a toy breed that can be susceptible to low blood sugar. Because they are so active, especially when they are puppies, they can burn calories very quickly, resulting in a rapid drop in blood sugar that could even lead to a seizure. For that reason, always have food available for your puppy, so that he can eat what he needs. After about 3 months, these drops in blood sugar are usually not a problem and you can start taking food with you, except at mealtime, which will make break-ins a lot easier. Your puppy always needs fresh water available at all times.

I once had a Yorkie who was very picky about what to eat. She would only eat soft foods that caused dental problems. This New Yorkie-Chon of ours only gets dry foods that help keep her teeth clean. When she first tried to beg at the table, she was ignored, so she does not get table scraps.

We love our little girl and we want her to have the best health and a long life. Your nutrition is of vital importance to us. The best thing we can do for her nutrition is to treat her like a dog and give her only dog ​​food. All of our pup’s nutrition comes from dog food and hard dog treats.

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