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Fiji: Hammocks, Sunsets and Total Relaxation

Fiji: Hammocks, Sunsets and Total Relaxation


Fiji is one of the most picturesque holiday destinations on the planet, with tropical blue seas, pristine white sands and islands you’d like to be shipwrecked on. Fiji is growing in popularity largely due to cheap flights and the rise of more and better Fiji deals attracting New Zealanders who would normally holiday in Australia.

You can be as active or as adventurous as you like in Fiji. Many people choose to sit and soak up the Fijian sun for 3 weeks and only get up from their hammock to take a dip in the warm sea.

Others choose to go island hopping, perhaps going into 4 or 5 different islands. An Island Hopper pass with Awesome Adventures is relatively cheap and allows you to hop on and off any island during your Fiji vacation. Once you’ve confirmed your deal in Fiji, head straight in and buy some sunscreen, as the temperatures are consistently warm enough to burn you alive.

Fijian hospitality is legendary and you can be sure to receive a Bula welcome and Kava ceremony to make you feel at home on each island.

Food in Fiji is exceptional and plentiful, with many Fiji resorts serving buffet style, so be sure to hit the seaside to ditch the smoked oysters and Moorish desserts you’re sure to enjoy at meals.

Many Fiji deals include accommodation and Fiji accommodation is superb. Even the budget backpacker style rooms are well above the standards we can expect in the country. Some islands have resort-style accommodations where it’s not uncommon to see an odd celebrity or two.

Many of the Fiji Islands are lucky enough to have surrounding corals with excellent snorkelling, this together with the sun, sea, food, Fijian people and weather make for a magical Fiji holiday so grab a Fiji deal today!

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