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Five lessons that will teach you to integrate quickly into the life of studying in Leeds, UK!

Get out of your comfort zone

The purpose of studying abroad is not only to learn advanced scientific knowledge, but also to get in touch with a lot of new things, enjoy different local customs, make new foreign friends and improve your English. The UK is a relatively free and open country, which is very different from our education model, focusing on interactive communication and self-motivated learning.

After school, it is recommended that students should venture out of their comfort zone and try something they are interested in, such as actively participating in various cultural activities organized by the school or social volunteer activities, and going to different cities to see different living environments, feel the different cultural atmosphere and experience different customs. This is more helpful to quickly expand the horizons and experience, “”read a million books, rather than travel a million miles”” is a certain amount of truth. Of course, you should learn to protect yourself while participating and not to do things that are against your will in order to meet others. The most important thing is to have a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding life abroad.

Put down your cell phone

In the current era of high technology Leeds student accommodation, the Internet has been used everywhere in the world, and cell phones have become an indispensable necessity in everyone’s daily life. It is no exaggeration to say that cell phones are the status quo of the public. However, as an international student, if you spend a long time with your cell phone, you will spend a lot of time and energy, which is very bad for your study. Many students have had this mentality, they just want to spend a few minutes to brush a friend circle during the break time, but they accidentally spent most of an hour; they just want to take a photo to send to social software, but they feel that it is not very good, then they re-take the photo, and then countless times to fix the picture, and they spent most of an hour again. ……

With the rapid development of technology, let everyone unknowingly The cell phone has become a slave. So students status quo it’s time to put down the phone and develop a study abroad plan that suits you, in fact the world outside the phone is more exciting, you might as well feel it with your heart!

Learn to be truly independent

If you want to live a better life when you are studying alone, you must first adapt to the living condition of a person and learn to be truly independent. So what is true independence? But it means a real life skill and the ability to cope with things, such as cooking, laundry, shopping, repairing things, going to the hospital, going to and from school, shopping, handling all kinds of business, etc..

All of these things are done by yourself, which seems unbearable to many student accommodation Leeds, although there are a lot of hardships and suffering, but also mixed with a fun and achievement, of course, this is a necessary way to promote the growth of everyone. Because in the process of growing up, you will find that not every time something happens, there will be someone to bear with you, after all, going abroad, away from family and friends is even more so, so we must put away the glass heart, as soon as possible to let themselves mature, learn to face some things alone. Maybe try it, you will find that you can do well alone, in fact, they are still very strong inside.

Combine work and rest, relax properly

As a student, you will inevitably be pressured by the heavy burden of schoolwork every day. If you feel that you are not in a good state of learning or are too tired, it is time to relax your body and mind properly. In order to balance study and life, it is important to combine work and rest. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to be lazy and let your grades slip, it’s okay to accept that your college grades aren’t as perfect as they used to be.

Although grades don’t mean everything, you can’t just fall behind in your studies, and it’s good to make the right adjustments. For international students who have just arrived in the UK, as they are not yet familiar with the local situation, facing a brand new living environment and a group of unfamiliar teachers and classmates, they need to learn how to deal with difficult situations or resolve crises skillfully. We suggest you to relax, take a deep breath and do your best when you encounter such a situation, and do not force yourself to do what you cannot do.

Make a good plan

There is a Chinese proverb from Sun Tzu’s Art of War that says, “”If you do not fight an unprepared battle, you will be invincible. For international students, it is important to plan a detailed and thorough study plan beforehand to achieve academic success. It is important to think ahead and have a plan in mind in all areas. For example, you should think about how to listen to lectures, how to take notes, how to study and review, how to finish homework, how to ask questions, etc.

It is best to sort out a study style that suits you best and improve your study efficiency. In addition, you can carry a small notebook with you in your daily life and record what you are going to do on it, or of course, you can set up a good memo function on your phone and mark out the important things item by item. When everything is in order, you will be able to study in class, finish your homework, participate in group discussions, and plan lunch with your classmates or friends without even thinking about it, making your life abroad much easier than others. It is recommended that you try it out, and it is quite possible to discover a new and unknown land in the process!”

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