Fix Mss32 Dll in GTA Vice City

Many GTA Vice City users have reported on various internet forums that they have encountered errors related to MS32.dll Vice City when trying to run the game. A poorly optimized system with fragmented Windows registry data and errors in the Windows registry is more likely to face such errors. There are some tips to fix this problem. Here are the steps you need to follow in sequence:

Why does the Mss32.dll error occur?

Mss32.dll error occurs in GTA Vice City due to corrupt settings, damaged file, or wrong file location. This file is mainly used in many new games. If you are a game lover, you must have this file in a working condition on your system.

If it somehow gets corrupted, follow these steps to fix this file

Locate the Current.dll file

1. Click Start and go to Search.

2. Under Search, click All files and folders in the left pane.

3. In the search bar, type mss32.dll and look for this file under Local Hard Drives (C:, D:, E 🙂

4. If the search result says “No results found”, continue with step 2

5. If found, select the file and copy it

6. Now find the C: Windows System32 folder in the Windows directory and paste the copied Mss32.dll file

7. Run GTA Vice City again, it will run smoothly.

Insert a new file on your system

If you cannot find the Mss32.dll file on your system, it means that this file is missing from your PC, preventing you from running GTA Vice City. Download the file from the Internet and copy it to the C: Windows System32 folder.

Reinstall GTA Vice City

The Mss32 error also occurs if the game is not installed correctly. This problem can be easily solved by reinstalling the game. But before reinstalling GTA Vice City, you must first uninstall it properly and then install the new copy of the game on your system. Reinstalling the game will replace all the files and settings from the old game and will prevent the Mss32.dll error.

Clean the Windows registry

The registry is an integral part of Windows, it stores a large list of references for .DLL files on the computer. If the registry is not maintained correctly, it may cause the Mss32.dll error. For the maintenance of the Windows Registry, it is important that you use a good registry scanner and cleaner. Scanning and cleaning the Windows registry will remove all the corrupted references in the registry.

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