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Free Murphy Bed Plans: How Free Plans Can Help You Build Your Bed

Free Murphy bed plans are relatively easy to find if you do a little research online. You’ll find the basics on how to build your bed and information on the necessary hardware. But when it comes to design options, recommended material, a list of what you need, and instructions on how to proceed, you’re pretty much on your own.

Rollaway beds can be very helpful when you live in a limited space, like a studio or small condo. They can also be a great solution if you have two children in the same room. Besides all the extra space you get by folding the bed against the wall, some designs are a true wall unit masterpiece. The price they sell for can really motivate you to build your own.

The free plans can help you get started to see if creating one is for you. You don’t need any carpentry skills to successfully build your own. Basically, this bed consists of a box with a platform that rotates inside it with the help of the appropriate set of hardware. You can purchase a complete Murphy bed hardware kit that includes everything you need to get it up and running.

But before you settle for a bed design you find in a free set of plans you found online, see if you can find a little better. I mean, making your Murphy bed is a considerable amount of work and it won’t cost you any more to make a nice one that you really like than an ordinary one. Plus, if you do eventually sell your condo, selling the Murphy bed with him could be a great asset to your property.

There are so many designs besides the square box, you can make book shelves on each side, you can use real hardwood instead of covered plywood, and so on.

A good set of plans will include a list of all the materials needed, several design options, step-by-step instructions on how to proceed, and tips on how to treat the wood to preserve it. Once you’ve chosen your design and material, follow your plans and cut out all of your pieces. Murphy beds are easy to build, you just need good plans and the right hardware kit.

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