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From everyday school life: "I've never seen bullying in our school"

From everyday school life: “I’ve never seen bullying in our school”

Rojin Koyuncu is 17 years old and is in the second grade of a business school in Graz. Positive psychology has been used at her school for several years.

From Nora Chancellor | 10:33 a.m., March 23, 2021

Rojin Koyuncu ©

How are the students doing with positive psychology at their school, which offers both a HAK and a commercial school in Graz? Rojin Koyuncu reports from her point of view: “I have never experienced bullying at our school. The get-to-know days at the beginning of the first grade make friendships much quicker. And in the subject of ‘personality development’ you get to know your classmates and yourself much better. The peer students help you to find your way around the school and if you have problems you can turn to them. These are young people like us, not adults, where you might be ashamed – you can talk openly. “

“At class council meetings you can also talk openly with the class teacher and the teachers try to help. For example, recently we had so many homeworks because of the distance learning that we couldn’t cope with it at all. The class teacher understood and has with them I talked to other professors. The concerns of the students are taken seriously, you have this feeling throughout the school. We also support each other in our class, especially now when it is difficult to maintain motivation due to distance learning. “, so the student.

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