GEO – Grand Epic Online Game Review

Grand Epic Online is without doubt the most attractive browser-based MMORPG on the Internet. Although it describes itself as a 2.5D dungeon crawler, the graphics are beautifully animated. The Japanese feudal style of the game will surprise many fans of the RPG genre around the world.

Before starting the game, you have the option to choose which clan you want to be in. It doesn’t really matter which clan you choose as long as you choose a character to become your on-screen avatar throughout the game.

There is the option of being male and female characters. There are 8 characters in total and four different styles of weapons that they can wield. You can use a bow and arrow, a sword, a larger sword, or just a staff. Again, it doesn’t really matter what type of weapon you choose, as your attacks will be weak to begin with anyway.

You will start by talking to a character named Sher Chao who will show you the basics of this game. It’s pretty funny how the tutorial plays out when she makes you do all these mundane tasks for her, much to the chagrin of the character you’re being.

One of the first missions he tells you to do is kill a bunch of rabbits so he can use their fur. From that moment you realize how easy this game is. In almost every RPG I’ve played, you are forced to explore the entire area by yourself to find out where all the locations are. It can be a long process to walk through large villages and fields just to find what you need. However, this game allows your character to automatically run to the next location simply by pressing the area of ​​interest in the missions menu.

Once I found the rabbits, it was very easy to kill them. All you have to do is highlight the target with the mouse and your character walks away until the enemy is dead. You can even use the mouse to escape any conflict if the enemy you are facing is too difficult to defeat. This fighting system is much more intuitive than the old school turn-based system used in many other RPGs.

Leveling up in Grand Epic Online is also very easy. Once you earn enough points, you can simply click on your character’s profile and build your stats from there. The only downside is that you can only upgrade 3 points for each attribute at a time. If I have 6 points in total, I can only give 3 points for my strength until I level up again.

Grand Epic Online’s online community is healthy and thriving. Even if you are doing single player missions, you can still see other players walking around and doing their own thing. I was having trouble killing a bunch of baddies, until I found another player who helped me just in time. It’s this kind of interactivity that you rarely see in other video games these days. Not only that, but as you progress through the game, you have the option to join a team to do team missions and more.

Communication with other players is also easy to use. There is a scrolling message board on the side of the screen or you can send instant messages to other players when you see them walking across the playing field. Production values ​​are nothing you have encountered before in a free video game. There are sound effects included and even background music. The character models are cute and rendered in 3D.

Grand Epic Online is truly an epic game. The visuals and gameplay are of high quality and there are a large number of missions to complete during your journey. One of the best Role playing games I have played in a long time.

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