German Shepherd Puppy Training for Protection Dogs

German Shepherd puppies are among the most intelligent and powerful dog breeds. They are large animals with a strong inclination to obey orders. Training them to represent as protection dogs requires considerable commitment and attention on your part. You have to remember that according to their canine intelligence, they would only listen to you when they recognized you as the leader of the pack. Even when you only have one Schutzhund trained dog in your home, the group mentality continues to guide the dog that sees the family as its pack and the home as the den. You have to go ahead with a balanced combination of love, strict discipline, and food rewards for the successful training of the German Shepherd as protection dogs.

Buying puppies from ethical German Shepherd breeders

It is very difficult to train an adult dog. The best time to start training is during the puppy stage. In fact, you must be very careful when selecting German Shepherd puppies. One helpful tip is to get the puppy from an ethical breeder who makes sure the puppies don’t have to deal with any kind of childhood trauma. Unethical breeders do not consider showing love and affection to puppies. For them, the animal is just another thing that they sell for profit. This is attributed to a traumatic experience for the dogs and as a result they can be extremely shy or aggressive. Neither of these are good signs for having a loyal, friendly dog.

Helpful Tips for Identifying a Great Puppy

You need to see the puppies in their litter. A good breeder will have all curious and active puppies. The first tip is to avoid having puppies with their tails between their hind legs. The second important sign is to see if the puppy adapts easily to lying on its back when you order it. This indicates that the dog is eager to accept you as the leader of the pack and to obey your commands. Some puppies are afraid to climb on the back (out of fear and mistrust). Some pups don’t stay in that position for long, indicating that you want to be the alpha. It would be difficult to train this puppy.

Introduction to home

The next basic step in effective German Shepherd training is introducing the puppy at home. If you feel uncomfortable at home, it will be very difficult to train. So, always let it settle at its own pace at home. To make things easier for the dog, avoid throwing a welcome party as soon as you bring it home. Also, show you care by placing a clean container of drinking water on the floor. Treat him with small amounts of dog food as a reward, but don’t overdo the reward system (stay away from chocolates as they are toxic to dogs). Another important suggestion is to always guide the dog and not let him guide from the beginning. This creates alpha feelings in the dog.

After the dog adjusts to the home and learns to accept you as a leader, you can move on to other details of German Shepherd training. You have to show that you are the leader in the perception of the dog. However, don’t be too harsh on the dog, as they are emotional beings who take toughness very seriously. Use short commands to help your dog learn about different aspects of family life. These include potty training and following directions to sit, half sit, lie down, and obey other commands.

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