Get miles per gallon meter

Car enthusiasts have longed for miles per gallon meter, which is easy

attached to any vehicle and inexpensive. Well, no more, it’s here.

Kohler’s miles per gallon meter shows miles per gallon

consumed when driving the vehicle. The meter can indicate 5-10 mpg when

hauled up a hill, or 55-65 mpg down that same hill. All it takes

It is for the vehicle to move in motion.

You say you don’t have a car? It is not to worry. This device works equally in

an SUV, bus, truck, motorcycle, scooter and even an ultralight plane. And it is

it doesn’t care if you use gasoline, diesel fuel, or ethanol.

Best of all is the cost, less than $ 10.00! This is the direct result of simplicity.

Neither the front sensor nor the rear sensor connects to anything under the hood or

board. They connect to a windshield screen in a ‘heads up’ style.

Engineering “Business as usual” would not produce a universal, which fits all vehicles,

miles per meter gallon. This type of instrumentation is only offered when it is integrated into

factory. For luxury vehicles. Can you imagine a DIY client trying

Put all the usual sensors on the fuel rail or carburetor and transmission? Might

result of fire or explosion. Bet!

Interestingly, designers are realizing that many complex quantities can be

measured without being touched. A good example is the BRITA ULTRAMAX

Water filter replacement indicator LED. This item indicates when to replace the

old filter with a new one, without the need to touch the old filter, or take a sample from the filter-

water ed. Fascinating thought out of the box!

That same kind of thinking resulted in the creation of patent-pending miles per gallon.

long meter. Instead of manipulating countless measurements, the Kohler meter uses

just one value and it continually distorts it up or down depending on the front and back

sensor inputs. So you get very easy docking to a variety of vehicles, on a rock

minimal cost.

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