Gift for newborns or gift for new parents – which should it be?

Your good friend, relative or coworker just had a baby and you want to give her something special. You know they’ll be getting a multitude of new baby gifts, including baby toys, pajama sets, diapers, rattles, blankets, and other baby trinkets. And while you can’t resist that adorable, soft and cuddly teddy bear you found at the baby store, you’re thinking parents need a special treat too!

Well, go ahead, give up the baby clothes and diaper boxes. Grab that big soft bear and pair it with one of these memorable gifts for new parents:

Spa gift – Give new parents a much-needed relaxation gift to enjoy on the day of their choosing. A luxury spa gift basket to indulge the senses at home or a certificate to a nearby spa will be a welcome gift when they need it most. Although the new dad may delight in the gift of the spa just as much as mom, he may want to include a six-pack of a good craft beer and a Three Men and a Baby DVD to add that fatherly appeal.

Wine and Chocolates – Those first few weeks at home from the hospital will be consumed with all the new baby care activities. Plus there will be constant visitors to entertain. As welcoming as all this new activity is, new parents will appreciate those few moments when the house is quiet. This is when a nice bottle of wine or champagne along with a box of decadent chocolates would be a welcome alternative to all those new baby toys. Mom and Dad will enjoy this delicious treat after baby falls into a deep sleep.

Dinner certificate (babysitter included) – As new parents, the nights out at your favorite restaurant will be few and far between for some time. Give them an incentive to plan that first “date night with parents” dinner with a gift certificate to their favorite place. This will give them the time they need to relax from their hectic new parenting schedule. This should include a confirmed babysitter – you! And you won’t regret that time alone with your new little friend.

Diaper bag – Like a nice fancy tote bag, mom can’t have too many diaper bags! A good diaper bag will be with them for many years, so even if they choose one for them, having more than one is great for different occasions. Pick one that matches your typical mommy style in color and pattern, and it should include a good number of pockets inside and out. Many come with additional features, such as a matching changing table or an insulated bottle cap. A good diaper bag will always be a much appreciated gift.

Don’t let all those different baby gift options confuse you. You now have some great gift options for new parents, and the best gift of all can be a combination of both!

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