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Grandma’s hair was purple

I love to think of my grandmother. She was a wonderful woman who laughed a lot. One of the visual things I loved about her was her hair…it was violet or purple to be exact.

In the days when hair color was evolving, people with gray hair didn’t have much choice about color except a rinse that kept their gray hair from turning yellow. So my grandmother used this purple rinse from time to time which gave her hair a wonderful shade of purple. She loved me. Especially when she wore a purple dress to church and violet-scented cologne, it was a sight and a smell to behold! I remember!

Some of my friends are grandmothers and they are also giving me lasting memories. One of them is not to take the grandmother lying down. She wears bright and colorful clothes that are teal and pink. She runs marathons, swims, works out daily at a gym, water skis, and works 12-hour days as a nurse. She is amazing! She hopes to retire next January and I don’t think she’s going to like it. She’ll have to get a part-time job or stay on the treadmill longer just to get the energy out of her!

So what memories are you creating that your children and grandchildren will remember? Do you invite them to special lunches or picnics and play silly games? Are you hiding their pajamas in the freezer when they come over for the night? Is there a silly voice you do just for them? Are you teaching them to play fun instruments like Boom Whackers? That kind of fun stuff stays in a kid’s head long after you’re gone.

The part of being a grandmother that I am taking seriously is making sure my grandchildren know that I love the Lord with all my heart and seek to serve him daily. They see me reading my Bible at the kitchen table with my devotional book. We have devotions together at night before we go to sleep. They see another Bible by my bed that I read if I wake up at night and can’t sleep, and they listen to Christian music when they come to visit me. Sometimes we turn off the television and just talk. Now there is a new idea! I don’t allow iPods or MP3 players turned on in the car so we can talk in there too. It’s amazing how many landscapes they miss and the conversations they miss with headphones glued to their heads.

You are his grandfather! God placed you in their lives for a specific purpose. Make it count for Christ and meet his needs! And one more thing… I love socks!

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