Green Tech Cluster awarded: Climate protection: Styria with the highest density of start-ups

Green Tech Cluster awarded: Climate protection: Styria with the highest density of start-ups

The Austrian “Cluster Prize for Outstanding Achievements by Austrian Innovation Networks” goes to the Styrian Green Tech Cluster. The jury particularly emphasized the start-up activities.

1:23 p.m., March 18, 2021

Bernhard Puttinger (Green Tech Cluster), Margarete Schramböck (BMDW), Jan Senn & Christoph Grimmer (both EET) © BMDW (c) Philipp Hartberger

In Styria you can find Austria’s highest density of start-ups that contribute to climate protection through innovative technologies. Of the around 150 so-called “Climate Tech Start-ups” that were founded in the last three years, 25 percent originated in Styria, I know Bernhard Puttinger from the Green Tech Cluster in Graz. Together with the Viennese start-up Glacier, the cluster has compiled a catalog of Austria-wide start-ups in this area.

The Green Tech Cluster surveyed how the Austrian start-up scene is positioned in the climate tech sector and recorded it in the so-called “Climate Tech Landscape Austria” – a 50-page catalog that can be accessed online. It lists 150 start-ups with solutions in the energy, mobility, building, production, food and circular economy sectors: Circulyzer, for example, from Leoben, whose mission is to make more plastics available for recycling. For this purpose, plants are built for the wet mechanical processing of waste containing old plastic. With its flexible fleet solution, the Viennese startup vibe helps companies achieve sustainable and climate-neutral mobility. PhytonIQ from Oberwart has specialized in the field of automated indoor farming.

“High dynamism in green start-ups”

Over 70 of the 150 listed start-ups were founded in the last three years. The growth was strongest across Austria with 28 start-ups in 2020. “The Climate Tech Landscape shows the current high level of dynamism among green start-ups in Austria,” said the Styrian cluster manager Puttinger. In the Green Tech Cluster, more than 240 companies and research institutions create “green” innovations in the areas of heat, energy, mobility, material flows, construction, water and more.

As one of the The Green Tech Cluster mentions numerous success stories such as that of “EET”.

Christoph Grimmer and his team offer solar power plants for urban nomads: Simply attach the PV module to the balcony railing and plug the battery storage into the socket – solar power is already used.

“The cluster strengthens the rollout of our new technologies has been massive for years, ”said EET founder Christoph Grimmer about cluster support.

The cluster was founded in 2005 with 80 companies. “Today we unite around 220 cluster companies and 14 competence centers. This is where innovative solutions are created, we accelerate cutting-edge research and we bring new innovation and competence centers to our location. Integrated heat transition, green gas and hydrogen are particular priorities. Energy districts, digitized recycling chains, new sorting technologies and battery recycling as well, “explained Puttinger. Ten employees are available to the cluster for all activities related to the members.

The Styrian cluster impressed in the area of ​​start-up activities as part of the Austrian cluster award, which was advertised for the first time by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The jury impressed with activities such as the “Green Tech Hub” on two floors in the Science Tower in Graz, investor events or the “Green Tech Summer Graz” under the motto “Start up instead of internship”.

“Start-ups and companies cooperate successfully in the Green Tech Cluster. This economic ecosystem is thus increasingly becoming a global innovation hotspot”, said Minister of Economic Affairs Margarete Schramböck (ÖVP). Austria has around 70 clusters in different areas.

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