Greenway expands the sales area of ​​its vegetable burgers

Greenway expands the sales area of ​​its vegetable burgers

The Ghent-based company specializing in vegetable burgers is extending its partnership with Delhaize to Colruyt and Carrefour. The ex-CEO of Ardo becomes a minority shareholder.

Vegetable meat is selling better and better in Belgium. In 2020, it brought in a total of 48 million euros (+ 19%). Eager to take the leap, Greenway, the only Belgian player in this segment, is gradually extending the availability of its products.

Gone is the exclusive partnership with Delhaize, established 18 years ago. As of this month, the 100% vegetable burgers from Greenway are also available at Colruyt. From April, the barge will also find them at Carrefour.

“If we want to have an impact on plant nutrition in Belgium with Greenway, we have to jump on the bandwagon.”

Paul Florizoone and Cedric Hanet

Principal shareholders of Greenway

“Plant-based food has become a trend (…). If we want to have an impact on plant-based food in Belgium with Greenway, we must take this bandwagon now and broaden our horizons”, underline Paul Florizoone and Cedric Hanet, principal shareholders of Greenway, in a statement.

Financial boost

To broaden its commercial horizons, the Ghent-based company created in 1996, which today employs 55 people, received a financial boost from a new investor in the person of Jan Haspeslagh, the former CEO of Ardo, the Flemish giant of frozen vegetables. The amount invested, which is not specified, makes him a minority shareholder of Greenway.

“Greenway has now acquired the necessary means to make a place for itself on the shelves of Colruyt and Carrefour”, she explains. To this end, all products have been optimized, both in terms of taste and nutritional value. All are also CO neutral2 and almost all of them are stamped with the nutri-score A.

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