Handmade Gemstone Jewelry – Types of Gemstone Styles

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry – Types of Gemstone Styles

Today, the term “handmade gemstone jewelry” has become more synonymous with the type of beaded jewelry that is made of gemstones that have two holes for the wire or thread to pass through. Cut stones, which are typically used in engagement rings, are generally not known as handcrafted gemstone jewelry.

There are two main types of gemstone styles used in handmade gemstone jewelry. One type is the larger stones that can be cut into a wide variety of shapes, ie round, square, oval, twisted, etc., as well as cut and hammered stones. These stones generally tend to be anywhere from 4mm to 20mm wide. These stones are mainly used for the thicker types of gemstone jewelry, often combined with other materials.

At the smaller end of the spectrum are the finer faceted gemstones which are most commonly found in round, briolette and rondel shapes and have been cut especially finely for added brilliance and are often referred to as “micro faceted”. These measure within the range of 2mm to 7mm in size and this style can be found in a wide range of precious and semi-precious gemstones. These smaller faceted types are more delicate and lend themselves easily to smaller jewelry styles such as earrings and pendants. They are also used with pins and wire wraps to gather a small group of stones together for a nice clustered effect.

As far as choosing the type of gemstone that suits you, if you have a larger frame you can easily go with the chunkier styles, which of course can have finer stones interspersed amongst the larger beads. You can get beautiful large, rough nuggets with a wonderful organic look in many types of gemstones, even the most expensive sapphire, ruby, and emerald gemstones. Keep in mind that large gemstones can be quite heavy to wear, so it is helpful to check the weight of the jewelry.

Another option, especially for smaller ladies, is to choose the smaller faceted sparkling gemstones obtainable in rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, as well as less expensive stones like the quartz family. Thus, one can find rubies, for example, in a bead style that are truly beautiful stones, so it is important not to be fooled into assuming that only cut gemstones like the type used for engagement rings is the only option on the market for precious gemstones.

There is a wide variety of colors in gemstones, so there are plenty of options for everyone to find gemstones to fall in love with. So check out handmade gemstone jewelry for its wide range and variety of designs, shapes, and colors.

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