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Happn lance la rencontre vidéo... et les utilisateurs la plébiscitent pour découvrir "le petit plus" qui charme

Happn launches the video meeting … and users acclaim it to discover the “little extra” that charms

5 minutes of free video to get to know each other better and discover the “je ne sais quoi” that makes the difference … before meeting in person.

Happn, one of the leaders in real-time location-based dating apps, is launching video calling functionality. While some of its competitors had launched this feature in full containment to allow their users to get to know each other more safely, the French app has just launched the video meeting.

Users who have “crushed” will be able to make a first video date in the application. One call available free of charge within the limit of 5 minutes per video call.

We reproduce the ritual of the meeting, with the little stress too!

The company, which announces 90 million users worldwide, has seen confinement change the ways of communicating. “The video meeting is not an end in itself, but a possible new step to learn to better discover the other before “the real meeting.”Explains Julie Prieur, Product Director at happn

“The advantage is that you can partly reproduce all the ritual you do for a first date : you make yourself beautiful. beautiful, you have the little stress just before which makes all the beauty of the first dates. The fact of having these tools may have made it possible to find oneself in the love quest, to know that we like! That’s why we launched our video feature at happn! “, complements Marine Ravinet, trend manager at happn.

happn asked its users how they envision their first video date and when it comes to outfit or make-up, 83% * want to go natural. while 16% say they are going out of their way. The first video date also allows users to express themselves in more depth before the real meeting: at happn, almost one in 2 users favors long discussions during a first video exchange. The opportunity to go further in the conversation and discover the little “extra” in the other. Of these famous details in the other that will attract the most attention during a video date, 27% evoke a smile and 23% the look. However, 40% of users find that video above all makes it possible to detect in others what makes their charm, this “je ne sais quoi that makes the difference”, this difference which is not perceived in the classic photos of the profiles.

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