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Son lien fort avec Conte, son amitié avec Lautaro: les raisons qui poussent Lukaku à préférer l’Inter à Manchester City

His strong bond with Conte, his friendship with Lautaro: the reasons that push Lukaku to prefer Inter to Manchester City

The Red Devil attracts the attention of the biggest European clubs with its line of stats.

Romelu Lukaku is driving the counters this season with Inter and it is therefore logical that the biggest teams are on the spot to try to sign him. Manchester City are one of the potential candidates and would like the Red Devil as Agüero’s replacement.

However, according to Gazzetta dello Sport, Romelu Lukaku will not move this summer and give the reasons why he will still wear the Inter shirt next season.

The Lombard club would never have been open to a transfer of its favorite player and the latter would never have wanted to discuss it either.

His very strong bond with Antonio Conte would also be one of the reasons that would push him to stay. The two get along wonderfully. The Italian technician makes perfect use of the Red Devil and he does well with his efficiency in front of goal.

Finally, according to the Italian daily, the last reason that would push Lukaku to definitively reject an offer from abroad (and Manchester City in particular): his relationship with Lautaro Martinez. One of the most effective duos in Europe this season but above all a bond that also unites them off the pitch since the two players are great friends.

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