Des vacances en Belgique cet été? Redécouvrez Bruxelles à travers des balades originales

Holidays in Belgium this summer? Rediscover Brussels through original walks

The idea was to revive Brussels, explains Valentine, one of the three founders of the project. We realized that a lot of people around us didn’t really know the city very well or had clichés about certain neighborhoods.

Adeline, Valentine and Charlotte, over walks with their friends or family, sharpened their knowledge of the Belgian capital and wanted to share good addresses. “It is a long process, specifies Adeline, we have listed all of our favorite addresses or places where we have been in recent years. “

How it works ? Several courses, nicknamed the “BB”, are offered in the form of interactive maps on a website created for this purpose. Among these, there is in particular the “classic BB” which presents a route through the addresses and the unmissable monuments in the center of Brussels, the “BB D’art d’art” which plunges walkers into the heart of the district. de Schaerbeek and its architectural and artistic past or even the “BB Haute Antique” which sets off to explore the historic district of Marolles. The different routes offered are from 2 to 13 km, “but everything is adaptable according to your desires and the time you have“, specifies the trio on its website. These enthusiasts of discovery are not satisfied only to propose itineraries, they also act as tourist guides for the walkers.”On the interactive maps, people can click on several points that bring up a brief description of the monuments, restaurants or museums that are along the route.“, says Valentine.

With the confinement and restriction of travel, the idea also came to set up small city-trips in Brussels. The first, “A Day in New York”, is devoted to the American capital. “The route takes walkers to New York by taking them to places reminiscent of the American city. Brussels is so cosmopolitan that there is a way to travel while staying close to home!“, enthuses Valentine. The second, recently put online, offers the public a getaway to Rome.

Last touch of this “Made in Brussels” project: for each walk, a Brussels illustrator immersed herself in the course to bring out an illustrated map. “We wanted to translate this multicultural, lively and varied aspect of the city through the work of illustrators with a different style but well assumed.. “

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