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Holidays in Cyprus: the best beaches in Cyprus

The beaches of Cyprus are the most important attraction of the region. Every year these attract thousands of tourists who visit the place and you too will definitely have a good time while vacationing on the island. The virgin beaches are ideal for relaxing and also for practicing a large number of water sports. If you are looking for a wonderful beach holiday, the beaches of Cyprus are an ideal destination!

Agia Napa is the most beautiful beach in Cyprus. The beach is sandy and has a silvery texture, which is a great attraction for tourists. You can play different beach games at Agia Napa beach. Water skiing, diving, parasailing, sailing canoes, windsurfing, motor boats and scooters are some examples of the activities you can do during your trip to the region.

Dassoudi is the most important beach in Limassol. This beach has all the modern facilities that include a beach bar, changing room, restaurant, parking and the possibility of practicing water sports. There are a few more beaches in Limassol, including Lady’s Mile and Curium. You will surely have a great time during your trip to these beaches.

If you prefer only sandy beaches, you should go to Larnaca. Dhekelia and McKenzie are its main beaches. These beaches stretch across miles. There are a number of four star and five star hotels located there.

Protaras has all kinds of water sports that you want to enjoy. The beaches here are very elegant and sophisticated. It also has some of the best hotels and restaurants. Coral Bay is located in the western region of Cyprus. The beach has a beautiful curve and golden sands. The water at this beach is shallow and calm. The beach can be explored as it has many places to visit. Diving is the main sport here and you can definitely try it while you are there.

Nissi Beach is a fairly quiet place found in the region. The Greek word Nissi means “small island”. The beach has white sand and the water is calm. The landscape is very peaceful and you are sure to feel rejuvenated while here. Nissi Bay is quite close to the port. It has good restaurants, water sports and pubs for tourists. In the northwestern region of Cyprus is Pomos Beach. It is maintained by the localities and is a very clean beach.

Cyprus has been awarded the Blue Flag by the International Blue Flag Jury in 2007. The award is dedicated to its 52 beaches spread over 13 municipalities and coastal communities. Some of the beaches that have received recognition are: Louma, Pernera, Vathia Gonia, Nissi, Nissi Bay, Lanta, Agia Napa and Macronissos, Yanathess, Potami, Vyrsi A, B and C, Nisia Lombardi, Konnos Bay, Kermia, Ammos Tou Kombouri, Glyki Nero, Pantachau, Loukkos, Katsarka and many more.

Cyprus boasts of some of the best beaches. The beaches have a lot to offer tourists. With each passing year, the popularity of the region has been increasing. You too can plan your vacation there and expect to have a wonderful time.

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