How do you spend your Sundays?

Remember when Sundays were sacrosanct, all about church and family? No shops were opened, so people used to worship, visit relatives and enjoy a quiet day.

These days the stores are open 7 days a week and the family dynamics are different. Single-parent families, shared desks, and business trips mean that weekends are often spent catching up on housework and to-dos.

As 25% of adults report battling Sunday night insomnia, it is increasingly clear that quality time with a partner or family is important. Sundays often see restaurants filled with family groups enjoying each other’s company. Or take a walk in the park together. All ages from toddlers to grandparents chatting and catching up for an hour or two.

Sundays should also provide a little time for me, a quiet time to recharge my batteries and do nothing except maybe reflect on the next week, reducing the stress of Monday mornings.

Need some suggestions to free up some time on Sunday?

– Share the load. Enforce a strict noon policy; maybe use Saturday mornings for housework. Some could be shared with others, done at another time, or outsourced, such as cleaning, ironing, gardening. Ask others for help or consider paying as an investment in yourself and stress management.

– Get in the diary, just like you would with an important appointment and honor that appointment. Even a thirty minute window could allow time to read a book, enjoy a relaxing bath, make a quiet phone call to a friend. Be sure to allow time for her to use it as you wish.

– Double arrangements. If there are people you just have to see, maybe plan something where you socialize with several together. Give it a fun and party atmosphere and it could work surprisingly well.

– Remember to exercise. A Sunday walk or run, a soccer game, or a round can give you fresh air, help you feel better, and improve your sleep. Also, sharing exercise with other people could add fun to your relationships.

– Spend time in nature. Enjoy a walk in a local park, beach or nature reserve and absorb the peace and beauty of the landscape, birds and animals. I appreciate everything.

Reconnect spiritually. You may not “do” religion or church, but reflecting on your purpose and what is important to you, remembering those special people who left your life, will give you time to land and reconnect with yourself.

Invest in your Sundays and treat them as special.

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