How P90X DVDs Give You The Beach Body

How P90X DVDs Give You The Beach Body

People often talk about the P90X DVDs and the kinds of benefits they can provide. By benefits, they mean a ripped, lean and muscular body. But it also focuses on agility, flexibility and cardiovascular health. These are just as important, even if they aren’t as obvious to the naked eye.

The term beach body open is said in a baritone voice to open any workout and the term X factor is often mentioned. The contestants in the video have both, but they don’t look like those labeled meatheads or someone who spends too much time in the gym. They seem like the typical people who decided to get in shape. This is encouraging.

The training takes some time; usually about an hour and a half. However, it can be done at home by purchasing some relatively inexpensive equipment. Thus, travel time to the gym is eliminated. The only items needed are dumbbells, resistance bands, and a pull-up bar. Many companies now offer ones that can be placed in a doorway or over a door. Most of the training uses your own body weight to help build muscle.

The mix and diversity of weight lifting, cardio, yoga, plyometrics and kickboxing provide a total body workout that doesn’t lose a single muscle and allows the user to stretch those muscles. The focus is on a beach body and overall fitness, not being able to bench press 300 pounds.

This is not to forget the ab-ripper X either, which will hurt the first few times the user does it. But it gives you great results that are quickly visible when the fat starts to burn. There’s also a record that focuses on core synergy. Using both will give a person the strong middle that is so important.

All of these different types of exercises will keep your body moving and not allow it to hit the plateau that occurs with repetitive exercises. P90X also provides different levels and methods to perform each type of training.

Each DVD has three or four participants performing various methods for each exercise, so the user always has options on how to change it up. No one can get too comfortable. Changing it from time to time will allow the user to feel the burn in a new way.

The training is very challenging, so it is recommended for people who already have an established foundation. It is not about discouraging, but about encouraging. Once a person has that foundation and starts this training, it doesn’t take long to start feeling the changes. Marathon runners will find the cardio DVD challenging, but no one with a decent foundation will find it so difficult that they can’t complete it.

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