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How Smart Shoppers Use "Mobile Real Estate Information Center", AKA "Realtor Open House"

There are many benefits to opening a home for sale on a Sunday afternoon. Saves having to make an appointment to see it and makes it convenient for all family members to get together to tour the properties. The seller benefits from having more people viewing the home in one afternoon rather than individual appointments. Most of the time, however, visitors dismiss the help offered by the real estate agent hosting the open house and are reluctant to provide information or ask questions.

When you visit my Open House, don’t be shy! Ask questions and listen carefully, the information you need to make an informed decision is right there in front of you! I’m the “Mobile Real Estate Information Center” and I’m here for a reason: I want to give you all the information you need to help you buy a home, maybe even this one.

I know this house very well, I know when it was built, how long it has been on the market, what kind of inspections are available, what kind of work is needed, why the seller is moving. I also know the neighborhood well, ask me about proximity to schools, shopping malls, public transportation, demographics, theaters, I also know exactly how far the library or post office is for example.

Before the open house I print and bring a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of the property so that I can not only show how this house compares to others in the same area, but also what other houses have recently sold in the proximities. If this particular house is too big or too small I have a list of other houses available for sale, I can share some addresses with you right there.

You might even have valuable and timely “inside information” of homes that are about to go on the market, bank or foreclosure properties that I know will be released soon. This information is potentially profitable for you Mr. / Mrs. Homebuyer … Just talk to me!

Although I am not a loan officer, I know what the current interest rates are and I can quickly calculate your monthly mortgage payments with taxes and insurance, I can give you an idea of ​​what your closing costs would be, I can even pre-qualify you on the spot! ! If I know what type of financing you need, I can tell you what type of documents you will need to prepare.

I am NOT just a Door Greeter, I can talk to you about investment property, I can tell you about some of the biggest tax consequences and / or benefits of owning a residence or investment property. I can highlight the benefits of a tax-deferred 1031 exchange and much more.

For me, being at an open house is like taking my real estate office on a road trip … Who benefits the most from my experience? Those who dare to tell me about their real estate goals and dreams can choose my brain, I am committed to staying in that house for 4 hours, so take your time!

Studies have shown that people are much more relaxed and willing to communicate with others on a weekend, are more autonomous, and have time to slow down. Don’t rush into the open house, slow down and make the most of my 25+ years of experience and knowledge, everything is available! If you are not in my area, give me a call and tell me where you want to go, then I will put you in touch with the most active professional Realtor in that area … FREE!

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