How the Paleo Diet, Zone, and Blood Type Come Together on Your Feel-Good Journey

Adjusting to your best foods means living off the foods that God provides. No man-made processed foods. Only staples for health and life. Learn where your best nutrition comes from and how you can choose the right sources for your body.

Start by finding your best proteins. Yes, saturated fat has been proven not to cause heart attacks. No chicken is not the best protein for everyone. Turkey is a universal protein and this process does not have to be an expensive process. If you love beef and it’s good for your body, you may feel better spending a little more here to buy the kind of grass-fed, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free animals.

The Paleo diet is made up of low-glycemic, high-fiber protein and carbohydrates. The Zone diet puts these proteins and carbohydrates in a ratio. Generally it is 30/40/30. Some people who do better with vegetables may find that they work better with a lower ratio of protein to fat than with higher carbohydrates (which is the middle number).

The blood type diet gives you your best proteins, for easy digestion, good cellular use, and the side effect is great digestion and satiety from hunger.

Complex carbohydrates come in the form of deep purple fruits. Peaches eaten 3 times a week help stop breast cancer in 40% of patients. Did you know there was a study done on prunes and how they can help prevent osteoporosis? And then the vegetables, where does the magnesium come from to prevent pain? Where do the B vitamins come from to aid in energy? How do you combine all of this into a tasty meal?

I mean, really, eating celery sticks with peanut butter and cottage cheese for weight loss doesn’t work for the aging population. Feeling your best can be achieved when you learn the information I teach that will help you make the most efficient choice to lose belly fat.

I can’t stress enough that the bread and noodles will hold the weight and can be removed, so you won’t miss them at all. The manna from heaven was not white bread, not even cereal bread.

When you discover what your body needs and have no surprises on the surface, you are ready to go. No problem, until you are a little older and may need a finer adjustment. I found that things change as we get older, and if we don’t adjust, we start to feel bad again. This does not need to happen. We can control our health and well-being.

Learn how NOW.

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