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How to score with an application now

How to score with an application now

Young academics still do not prepare enough for an interview. The corona pandemic has not changed that, says Florian Märzendorfer, managing partner of the Linz start-up for finance and career planning Fip.S. Only that is now fatal: “There are fewer jobs. Anyone who now submits a run-of-the-mill application and naively engages in an interview has an even bigger problem standing out from other applicants than six months ago.” It is all the more important now to stand out with the application documents in order to even get to the interview. For this, according to Märzendorfer, “every line has to earn its place on the application letter”. There is little point in sending 70 applications in two days and not taking the time to do so. In addition, even in the crisis, you don’t want just any job as a first step.

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