How to start making money with blogging and AdSense

What do you think of Blog Marketing? It is not so difficult. Today I will show you how you can make money from blogging.


Blogger is one of the best blogging platforms available in the world. This platform is someone who doesn’t need any kind of fancy features and just needs to share informed content. You can start with a dynamic template, which is one of the best, most reliable and stable you have ever created. Google did a phenomenal job with these templates and they are ready for AdSense. With the dynamic template, you will see three times more page views, people spend four times more time on the blog, and the ad revenue is almost double compared to normal templates.


No serious blog can make big money without a top single domain. With Blogger you can buy a domain for a year for as little as $ 10. That’s nothing considering that you can get your investment back in a few days with Google AdSense. The domain should reflect the blog’s theme. For example, if you want a blog about cars, you can combine the keyword “car” with your name to create an attractive unique domain.

Google advertising

The best ad network used by about 80% of all blogs that make money using ad networks. Google AdSense has advantages that other ad networks do not have. The first is that it has the largest number of advertisers thanks to the great success of Google AdWords. This makes it possible for Google to show the most targeted ads about 99% of the time thanks to the number of ads that advertisers have to show. The second advantage is that the competition is so fierce that advertisers increase the price per click every week to maintain traffic. The third advantage is that Google has the best technology in the world to show only relevant ads that people find useful. You will rarely see bicycle ads on an auto blog. Always insert the ads where they will be seen, even more than the content. There is no point in inserting a small button ad at the bottom where no one will see it; it just won’t convert clicks.


Bloggers with a few thousand friends literally have money in their Facebook accounts waiting to be withdrawn using a blog with Google AdSense. Every new post you write on your blog needs to be posted on the Facebook wall to attract instant traffic. Since only interested people will click the link, the traffic is of high quality. Another smart move is to post your blog content in topic-related groups. Always post in groups with over a thousand members to get maximum exposure.

As you can see, blog marketing is easy. All you need is a great idea, some money to buy the domain, AdSense, Blogger, and Facebook, and the money starts pouring in. Your goal now is to write interesting content every day to keep your readers happy and keyword rich content so that Google AdSense shows the most relevant ads on your blog.

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